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Table 4 Lippia individual grouped by genetic similarity (ITS2) by DAMBE program version 4.0.36

From: Genetic diversity and chemical variability of Lippia spp. (Verbenaceae)

Individuals with high genetic similarity Codea
LT2, LT31, LT34, LT36: L. origanoides
LT47: L. grata
LU156: L. orig. × velut.
LT3, LT6, LT45: L. origanoides L3
LT4, LT26, LT52, LT73: L. origanoides
LT116: L. orig. × velut.
LT7, LT20, LT27, LT32, LT55, LT57, LT60, LT61, LT65, LT66, LT70, LT71, LT75, LT80, LT82, LT87, LT94, LT97, LT98, LT100, LT105, LT107, LT108, LT109, LU137: L. origanoides
LT10, LT68, LT77, LT79,
LT63, LT117, LU130, LU151, LU153, LU158: L. orig. × velut.
LT42, LT78: L. velutina
LT9: L. grata
LT23: L. orig. × velut.
LT90, LT92: L. origanoides
LT1, LT11, LT12, LT15, LT24, LT30, LT35, LT43, LT48, LT49, LT64, LT67, LT72, LT104, LU141: L. origanoides
LT54, LU133: L. orig. × velut.
LT14, LU155—L. origanoides L14
LT69, LU132: L. orig. × velut. L69
LT118, LU145, LU146: L. velutina
LU164: L. grata
LT120, LT123, LT124, LT125, LT126, LT127: L. alba L120
LU129, LU159: L. orig. × velut. L129
LU142, LU143: L. grata L142
LU154, LU157: L. origanoides L154
  1. aCode used in the phylogenetic tree