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Fig. 2

From: Non-specificity of sequence characterised amplified region as an alternative molecular epidemiology marker for the identification of Salmonella enterica subspecies enterica serovar Typhi

Fig. 2

RAPD primers showing suitable bands for SCAR marker development. a Primer SBSA02 showing a 2 Kbp band found only amongst S. Typhi isolates. b Primer SBSA03 showing a 900 bp band found in both S. Typhi, S. Paratyphi C and E. coli. c Primer SBSD08 showing a 2.5 Kbp band found only in S. Typhi. d Primer SBSD11 showing a 1.4 Kbp band found in both S. Typhi, S. Typhimurium and Y. enterocolitica. M: 100 bp and 1 Kbp ladders, respectively

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