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Fig. 2

From: Maternal omega-3 fatty acid intake during neurodevelopment does not affect pup behavior related to depression, novelty, or learning

Fig. 2

Impact of maternal n-3 FA consumption during neurodevelopment on offspring behavior in the open field. Pups were placed in the open field chamber for 10 min on day 1 (novel environment). Twenty-four hours later, pups were returned to the same chamber for another 10-min period (familiar environment). Individual trajectories in the novel and familiar open fields are shown for supplemented (n = 7) and deficient (n = 10) pups. In each panel, green, solid lines indicate supplemented pups and orange, dashed lines specify deficient pups. The means for supplemented pups are indicated by a thick, blue line. A thick, red line denotes the means for deficient pups. Panels show time spent exploring (a), average rearing duration (b), average velocity (c) center time (d) and stereotypic time (e)

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