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Fig. 3

From: Attempted use of PACE for riboswitch discovery generates three new translational theophylline riboswitch side products

Fig. 3

Predicted 2D structures of RS-C and three new riboswitches. a The original RS-C sequence (left) was submitted to mFold to produce a predicted 2D structure and quantification of stability (ΔG); the boxed region is the predicted RBS. The three new riboswitch sequences were also evaluated by mFold with RBS denoted by boxed nucleotides. Yellow highlighting shows inserted bases and the blue A within a box indicates a base substitution conserved in all three new riboswitches. b RNA base pairing (dashed lines) between ribosome (red) and the complementary anti-parallel  riboswitch sequence (black) for the original RS-C as well as the three new RSs. The number of base pairs between rRNA and RS sequence is shown on the far right

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