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Fig. 2

From: Unexpected insertion of carrier DNA sequences into the fission yeast genome during CRISPR–Cas9 mediated gene deletion

Fig. 2

Insertion of Oncorhynchus DNA into CRISPR–Cas9 targeted locus. a Schematic of smp1+ gene region showing exons (E1, E2), intervening sequence (IVS), location of sgRNA complementary sequence (shown in red) and PAM site (underlined). b Sequence of corresponding region in smp1-S3 insertion allele, showing sgRNA (red), PAM (underlined) and 73 bp inserted sequence closely related (97% identity over 70 nucleotides) to an Oncorhynchus genomic sequence, in this case from O. tshawytscha, the Chinook salmon (GenBank ID PEKY01000129.1). See also Additional file 1: Table S6 and Additional file 2: Figure S3

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