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Fig. 1

From: Estimating transfection efficiency in differentiated and undifferentiated neural cells

Fig. 1

Transfection efficiency in B35 and B104 neuroblastoma cell lines. Representative images of transfected undifferentiated neuroblastoma cell lines. a (GFP+) B35 cells. b (GFP+) B104 cells. c Quantitative analysis of the percentage of GFP+ cells among the total DAPI+ cells (total population). For B35, transfection efficiency at 24 hpt was 12.06% SEM ± 0.97 and 10.67% SEM ± 1.34 at 48 hpt. Similar rates were achieved for B104 cells, (mean value 12.2% SEM ± 0.80) at 24 hpt and (mean value 11.5% SEM ± 1.24) at 48 hpt. Cells were transfected at 60–80% confluency in 6-well plates for the indicated periods and about 9–11 fields were imaged per well. Each experiment was done in replicates (2 or 3 wells/condition) from 3 independent cultures. Between (8000 and 24,000 cells) were quantified per experiment. Data represents mean value ± SEM. Nuclear staining DAPI (blue). GFP (green)

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