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Table 1 Comparison of RT-PCR and culture-based methods of S. aureus and MRSA in DFUs

From: Bacterial isolation and antibiotic susceptibility from diabetic foot ulcers in Kenya using microbiological tests and comparison with RT-PCR in detection of S. aureus and MRSA

Species Reference Assay Sensitivity (%) Specificity (%) PPV (%) NPV (%)
S. aureus Culture RT-PCR 90.9 82.5 58.8 97
RT-PCR Culture 58.8 97 90.9 66.7
MRSA Culture RT-PCR   72.7   100
RT-PCR Culture   100   72.7
  1. In this Table, both culture-methods and RT-PCR were used as gold standards. In the column heading, the gold standard is the “Reference” while the method being tested, the “Assay”