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Table 1 Museum specimens collected along transect through hybrid zone and estimates of hybrid ancestry (Q)

From: Comparison of ultraconserved elements (UCEs) to microsatellite markers for the study of avian hybrid zones: a test in Aphelocoma jays

MuseumaSpecimen no.Collection dateSitebLocationLatitudeLongitudeDistance (km)cQSNPsQmsats
FMNH3339289 Jun. 19871Alturas, CA41.55− 120.6600.970.91
FMNH3339309 Jun. 19871Alturas, CA41.55− 120.6601.000.94
FMNH33394911 Jun. 19872Beckwourth, CA39.75− 120.372020.990.97
FMNH33395011 Jun. 19872Beckwourth, CA39.75− 120.372020.990.95
FMNH33399115 Jun. 19873Virginia Mts, NV39.50− 119.632790.760.67
FMNH33399415 Jun. 19873Virginia Mts, NV39.50− 119.632790.760.07
MVZ17986129 Sept. 20014Pine Nut Mts, NV39.06− 119.572920.440.63
MVZ17986529 Sept. 20014Pine Nut Mts, NV39.06− 119.572920.520.61
FMNH33399927 Jun. 19875Gardnerville, NV38.83− 119.623140.520.90
FMNH33400027 Jun. 19875Gardnerville, NV38.83− 119.623140.550.77
MVZ1784969 Dec. 19986Nye Canyon, NV38.57− 119.213530.020.03
MVZ1784979 Dec. 19986Nye Canyon, NV38.57− 119.213530.060.07
MVZ1791717 Dec. 19997Wassuk Range, NV38.46− 118.653840.030.04
MVZ1791727 Dec. 19997Wassuk Range, NV38.46− 118.653840.110.06
FMNH33408630 Mar. 19878Mt. Charleston, NV36.37− 115.637220.020.28
FMNH33408730 Mar. 19878Mt. Charleston, NV36.37− 115.637220.010.02
  1. aFMNH, Field Museum of Natural History (Chicago); MVZ, Museum of Vertebrate Zoology (Berkeley)
  2. bSites 2–6 correspond to sampling localities in Fig. 1b. Specimens from sites 1 and 8 were collected outside the area of contact and hybridization
  3. cDistance (km) represents Euclidean distance across the hybrid zone