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Table 2 Maternal, Pregnancy and Fetal variables to be collected for the predictive model

From: Statistical risk prediction models for adverse maternal and neonatal outcomes in severe preeclampsia in a low-resource setting: proposal for a single-centre cross-sectional study at Mpilo Central Hospital, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Maternal demographic characteristics Maternal age (years)
Marital status
Level of education
HIV status
Anti-retroviral status
Pregnancy characteristics Booking status
Gestation on admission
Number of fetuses
Past obstetrics history Aspirin therapy
History of previous hypertensive disorder
Past medical history Pre-existing disease of hypertension
Pre-existing disease of diabetes mellitus
Pre-existing renal disease
Area of dwelling Urban/rural
Symptoms/signs Nausea/vomiting
Frontal headaches
Epigastric pains
Visual disturbances
Right upper quadrant pains
Vaginal bleeding with abdominal pains
Chest pains
Cardiovascular signs Systolic blood pressure on at diagnosis (mmHg)
Diastolic blood pressure on at diagnosis (mmHg)
Haematological tests Haemoglobin level (g/dl)
Platelet count (×109/l)
Renal tests Urine dipstick proteinuria
Hepatic tests Alanine transaminase (U/l)
Therapeutic Antihypertensive therapy
Magnesium sulphate therapy
Corticosteroid therapy
Fetal characteristics Fetal heart rate
Apgar scores
Admission to neonatal intensive care unit
Respiratory distress syndrome