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Fig. 2

From: Kinetic assay of starvation sensitivity in yeast autophagy mutants allows for the identification of intermediary phenotypes

Fig. 2

A kinetic method to assess growth after starvation detects a subtle but statistically significant nitrogen-starvation sensitivity phenotype of atg27Δ mutants. WT, atg27Δ, and atg1Δ yeast strains were grown in the presence of nutrients either before nitrogen starvation (a), after 7 days of nitrogen starvation (b), or after 14 days of nitrogen starvation (c). All experiments were carried out at least three times, with at least four technical replicates for each experiment. While plots (growth curves) were generated using a set of four technical replicates, all experiments displayed the same trends. Error bars indicate standard deviations. Corresponding p-values are listed in Additional file 1: Table S1 and are highlighted if less than 0.05

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