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Table 2 Risk factors assessment for acquisition of community acquired (CA) and hospital acquired (HA)-RSV

From: RETRACTED ARTICLE: Childhood nosocomial viral acute respiratory tract infections in teaching hospital Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka

Number of pt. with co infectionsa 9 4
Risk factors
 Malnutrition (weight-for-age z-score > − 2)
 Male sex
 Low birth weight (< 2500 g)
 Mode of delivery—LSCS 2.0 (0.04)
 Outdoor air pollution 3.2 (0.04)
 Indoor air pollution
 Passive smoking
 Non-exclusive breastfeeding (during the first 4 months of life)
 Lack of measles immunization (within the first 12 months of life)
 Concomitant diseases
  Urinary tract infection 3.1 (0.03)
  Infection in central nervous system 2.2 (0.04)
  Gastro-enteritis 1.8 (0.03)
 Congenital heart diseases 2.2 (0.04)
 Immunodeficiencyb 2.3 (0.04)
 Development of seizure in at ward in known epileptics 3.2 (0.04)
 Mother’s experience as a caregiver
 Mother’s education
 Day-care attendance
 Relative humidity (%)
 Rain days/month
 Trisomy 21 1.8 (0.03)
 Birth order > 3
  1. aRSV co-infection with other viruses were not included in risk factor analysis
  2. bSubjects were considered immunocompromised if they had any of the following: positive HIV test, report of HIV infection; receiving a prolonged course of steroids or other immunomodulatory medications; neutropenia during the hospitalization; or undergoing active chemotherapy during the hospitalization. Significant odds ratio with p value was given