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Table 1 Summary of enzymatic yields, kinetics and productivity for bioreactor cultivations of recombinant P. pastoris at the end of the glycerol fed-batch stage, and comparisons to previous expression attempts

From: Scalable methanol-free production of recombinant glucuronoyl esterase in Pichia pastoris

Parameter GE
(this study)
GE (previous studies) Reference CDH
(this study)
CDH (previous studies) Reference
Highest Volumetric Activity (U L−1) 238.17 5.7a Topakas et al. [5] 329.49 7955a Stapleton et al. [26]
Highest Recombinant Protein Titre (mg L−1) 2778.01 NR 1489.30 633b Ma et al. [28]
% recombinant protein vs total protein in supernatant 93.61% 50.89% NR
Biomass concentration (gDCW L−1) 120.94 136.47
μmax (h−1) 0.15 0.16
qp.max (mg recombinant protein.[g biomass∙h]−1) 1.22 0.76
qp.mean (mg recombinant protein.[g biomass∙h]−1) 0.52 0.43
  1. NR Not reported
  2. aAt shake flask scale, under methanol-induced PAOX1 regulation
  3. bAt 7 L bioreactor scale, under methanol-induced PAOX1 regulation