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Table 1 Overview of transcriptome data files

From: Effects of sodium houttuyfonate on transcriptome of Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Label Name of data file/data set File types (file extension) Data repository and identifier (DOI or accession number)
Control1 SRR9031329_1.fq .fastq[accn]
Control2 SRR9031328_1.fq .fastq[accn]
Control3 SRR9031319_1.fq .fastq[accn]
Control4 SRR9031318_1.fq .fastq[accn]
SH1 SRR9031323_1.fq .fastq[accn]
SH2 SRR9031322_1.fq .fastq[accn]
SH3 SRR9031321_1.fq .fastq[accn]
SH4 SRR9031320_1.fq .fastq[accn]
Gene expression data GSE133428_All_samples.GeneExpression.FPKM .txt.gz
Table S1 SH transcriptome-S1.xlsx .xlsx
Figure S1 Figure S1 .tif
  1. The raw RNA-Seq data (.fastq files) are available for download on the SRA [11]. The gene expression data (.txt.gz) are available on the GEO [12]. The additional files including Table S1 and Figure S1 can obtained on Figshare [13]