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Table 2 In vitro anti-Toxoplasma gondii growth inhibitory effect (µg/mL), cytotoxic activity (µg/mL), and selective indexes for S. bicolor red leaf oil-like extract and fractions

From: Anti-Toxoplasma activity of Sorghum bicolor-derived lipophilic fractions

Compound CC50 (95% CI) IC50 (95% CI) SI
S. bicolor n-hexane crude extract 34.41 (31.62–37.45) 3.65 (2.07–6.45) 9.43
Hexane-methanol (10:1) fraction of crude extract 16.92 (14.25–20.10) 2.74 (0.71–10.54) 6.18
Hexane fraction of crude extract 7.23 (3.24–16.14) 3.55 (0.73–17.20) 2.04
  1. 95% CI 95% confidence interval for means of triplicate independent assays, CC50 concentration of oil-like extract that caused 50% reduction in viability of human foreskin fibroblasts, IC50 minimum inhibitory concentration of crude and fractionated oil-like substance that inhibits 50% T. gondii tachyzoite growth, SI selectivity index