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Table 3 Drug related problems among ambulatory patients with type 2 diabetes on follow up from July to December 2018 at HFSUH, Harar, Ethiopia

From: Assessment of drug-related problems among type 2 diabetic patients on follow up at Hiwot Fana Specialized University Hospital, Harar, Eastern Ethiopia

Number of patients with DRP
 Single DRP5962.1
 Double DRPs3637.9
Types of DRPs
 Dosage too low4636.2
  Metformin + glibenclamide107.9
  Meftormin + basal insulin1310.2
  Basal insulin53.9
 Ineffective drug2519.7
  Basal insulin alone86.3
  Metformin alone10.8
  Metformin + basal insulin53.9
  Metformin + glibenclamide64.7
  Basal insulin + glibenclamide21.6
 Unnecessary drug therapy2519.7
  Basal insulin as unnecessary107.9
  Glibenclamide as unnecessary1511.8
 Need for additional drug therapy1713.4
  Taking metformin alone129.4
  Taking metformin and glibenclamide32.4
  Taking glibenclamide21.6
 Adverse drug reaction129.4
  Basal insulin43.1
 Dosage too high21.6
  Basal insulin21.6
 Total DRPs127100