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Table 1 Demographic data of patients whose laboratory results were included in the study

From: Connecting two worlds: positive correlation between physicochemical approach with blood gases and pH in pediatric ICU setting

Patient characteristicsTotal n = 130 patients
Male gender, n (%)61 (47)
Age (year), median [IQR]5.0 [2, 10]
The cause of PICU admission, n (%)
 Severe sepsis or septic shock23 (17.7)
 Hypovolemic or hemorrhagic shock4 (3.1)
 Anaphylaxis or distributive shock1 (0.8)
 Heart failure or cardiogenic shock8 (6.2)
 Post-cardiac arrest4 (3.1)
 Respiratory failure18 (13.8)
 Liver failure or hepatic encephalopathy3 (2.3)
 Upper gastrointestinal bleeding5 (3.9)
 Renal failure3 (2.3)
 Diabetes ketoacidosis2 (1.5)
 Organic acidemia1 (0.8)
 Status epilepticus8 (6.2)
 Post-operative38 (29.1)
 Others12 (9.2)
Numbers of paired specimen per patient, median [IQR]6 [2, 14]