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Table 3 Multivariable logistic regression analysis for independent predictors of alcohol use disorder among prisoners (n = 329) in a correctional institution in Jimma, Southwest Ethiopia

From: Trauma exposure and alcohol use disorder among prisoners in Jimma Zone correctional institution, Southwest Ethiopia: a cross-sectional study

VariableAlcohol use disorderAOR (95% CI)
No (%)Yes (%)
 No200 (69.4)88 (30.6)Reference value
 Yes10 (24.4)31 (75.6)3.33 (1.25– 8.86)
Adverse traumatic life event
 No exposure to traumatic life event93 (77.5)27 (22.5)Reference value
 Exposure to one traumatic life event40 (63.5)23 (36.5)2.04 (0.86–4.88)
 Exposure to multiple traumatic life events77 (52.7)69 (47.3)2.47 (1.23–4.94)
Place of residence
 Rural89 (84.0)17 (16.0)Reference value
 Urban121 (54.3)102 (45.7)4.86 (2.38–9.94)
Khat abuse
 No159 (83.2)32 (16.8)Reference value
 Yes51 (37.0)87 (63.0)7.39 (3.99–13.68)
Nicotine dependence
 No186 (70.5)78 (29.5)Reference value
 Yes24 (36.9)41 (63.1)2.49 (1.16–5.34)
  1. AOR adjusted odds ratio, 95% CI 95% confidence interval
  2. Reference value: In the analysis, this variable indicated a lower likelihood of alcohol use disorder; it was coded as zero in SPSS logistic regression