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Table 1 An assessment model of demographic and surgery procedure effect IIEF (Phase 4) total score

From: A prospective study of erectile dysfunction in men after pelvic surgical procedures and its association with non-modifiable risk factors

Model R2= 0.552Unstandardized coefficientsStandardized coefficienttp95.0% Confidence interval for B
BStd. errorBetaLower boundUpper bound
(constant)39.2213.435 11.419< 0.00132.40846.033
Age− 17.6873.697− 0.416− 4.785< 0.001− 25.020− 10.355
Educational level6.3814.0320.1391.5830.117− 1.61614.379
Type of surgery7.1623.7170.1671.9270.057− 0.21214.535
  1. Dependent variable: IIEF (Phase 4) total score