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Table 3 Answers to questions and statements testing the knowledge related to chemical eye injuries

From: Population-level investigation of the knowledge of ocular chemical injuries and proper immediate action

Statement: chemical injury can cause ocular complications
 Don’t know9010.1
Question: what should be the first corrective action when a chemical injury occurs?
 Wash with plenty of water65573.8
 Wash with little of water424.7
 Cover the eye50.6
 Go to emergency department16418.5
 Pharmacy and eye drops111.2
Statement: alkaline injuries are more dangerous than acidic injuries
 Don’t know25728.9
Statement: locate and remove particles in the eye in case of chemical injury
 Don’t know18320.6
Statement: when injured with acidic material, wash with alkaline solution
 Don’t know46051.8
Statement: when injured with alkaline material, wash with acid solution
 Don’t know42447.7