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Table 3 Multivariate Linear Regression Analysis with step-wise Methods with state anxiety, trait anxiety and depression as dependent variables (n = 231)

From: The impact of socio-demographic features on anxiety and depression amongst navy veterans after retirement: a cross-sectional study

 State anxietyTrait anxietyDepression
Overweight (BMI)  3.35*1.48  
Having a Serious Health Problem7.43***1.708.50***1.829.98***1.90
Stability in Retirement Choice    − 5.37**1.55
Desire for Return in the Navy  4.48***1.25  
Developing Activities after Retirement− 5.44**1.83− 6.12**1.84− 3.59*1.70
Life Satisfaction as a Retiree− 7.79***1.43    
  1. *** p < .001**p < .01, *p < .05
  2. aRegression Coefficient
  3. bStandard Error of the Estimate