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Table 2 The infection rate of trypanosomes in Glossina tachinoides between sex, age, and hunger stage

From: Trypanosome infection rate in Glossina tachinoides: infested rivers of Limmu Kosa District Jimma Zone, Western Ethiopia

Risk factorsNo. of fly dissectedTrypanosome species foundInfection Rate IR (%)P-value
T. congolonseT. vivaxTotal infected
 Young (< 20 days)17200000.005
 Old (> 21 days)1122354.46
Hunger stage
 Stage 4 (teneral or hungry)5200000.001
 Stage 3 (intermediate)980000
 Stage 2 (replete)1092132.75
 Stage 1 (gorged)250228.00
  1. p- value < 0.05, considered as significant