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Table 3 Overview literature

From: A comparison of three column agglutination tests for red blood cell alloantibody identification

 Test cell panelsIAGT identification no. of samples/concordant resultsConcordance rate (%)
Taylor et al. [10]Bio-Rad vs Grifols361/32890.86
Cid et al. [13]Bio-Rad vs Grifols26/2596.15
OCD vs Grifols26/2492.31
Bio-Rad vs OCD26/2388.46
Bio-Rad vs OCD vs Grifols26/2388.46
Garozzo et al. [11]OCD vs Immucor78/7494.87
Chang et al. [8]Bio-Rad vs Grifols51/5098.04
Roback et al. [9]Bio-Rad vs Grifols759/75998.68
Sawierucha et al. [12]Bio-Rad vs OCD165/22673.00
Blomme et al. (2019)Bio-Rad vs Grifols28/28100.00
OCD vs Grifols32/3786.49
Bio-Rad vs OCD19/2190.48
Bio-Rad vs OCD vs Grifols19/2190.48