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Table 1 Common reasons for non-insertion of a planned PPIUD

From: Single center experience on implementation of the postpartum intrauterine device (PPIUD) in Sri Lanka: a retrospective study

Reasons for non-insertion of PPIUD. (Total non-insertions = 50)n (%)
Contraindications20 (66.7)
Mother has changed her mind1 (2.0)
Technical problems at the time of insertion8 (16.0)
Unavailability of IUD at the time of insertion1 (2.0)
IUD Removed5 (10.0)
IUD expelled with blood6 (12.0)
Consent given for sterilization1 (2.0)
Purple sticker was missing1 (2.0)
Consent given for sterilization1 (2.0)
Stillbirth1 (2.0)
Other8 (16.0)
  1. PPIUD Postpartum intrauterine device, IUD Intrauterine device