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Table 1 Clinical data and mutation status of CTNNB1 in correlation with the expression pattern of FGFR2 in adrenocortical carcinoma samples (n = 26)

From: Subcellular localization of fibroblast growth factor receptor type 2 and correlation with CTNNB1 genotype in adrenocortical carcinoma

Sample numberSex [F/M]Age [range in years]Survival [months]Ki-67 [%]Hormonal activityNuclear stainingCytoplasmatic stainingCTNNB1-mutation
1F30–40   ++No mutation
2F40–50> 132 Cortisol0+No PCR-amplicon
3F20–30> 9  0+No mutation
4M40–50   ++p.S45P
5M80–90   0+No mutation
6F40–50   0+No mutation
7M60–70   0+No mutation
8M50–60> 4830–40Cortisol, androgen++No mutation
9M30–4048 Cortisol, androgen++No mutation
10F40–50> 360  ++No mutation
11M20–30> 30  ++No mutation
12F30–40> 22 Androgen++p.S33P
13F40–50   ++No mutation
14M60–70   ++No mutation
15M40–50   ++p.T41A
16F50–6099  ++p.A5V
17F30–40> 15160 ++No mutationa
18M60–70   0+No mutation
19F60–7025  ++No mutation
20F40–50> 895–10Cortisol, androgen0+No mutation
21M50–60> 4 Cortisol++No mutation
22F70–80> 4 Cortisol0+p.T41A
23F50–605 Cortisol00p.L513F
24F50–60> 625Cortisol, androgen00 
25M50–60 30–40 0+No mutation
26M70–80   ++ 
  1. aThis tumour specimen harbours a TP53 Cy135Phe mutation; blank field: data not available; survival: > indicates right censored data. Data on age is presented as a range to protect patient’s anonymity