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Table 1 Gene Ontology terms based on the upregulated genes on day 12 in PGCs

From: Dynamics of the transcriptome during chicken embryo development based on primordial germ cells

GO ACCESSION GO term Total count
GO:0032501 Multicellular organismal process 719
GO:0032502 Developmental process 662
GO:0048856 Anatomical structure development 634
GO:0007275 Multicellular organism development 587
GO:0071944 Cell periphery 462
GO:0005886| GO:0005904 Plasma membrane 447
GO:0023052 Signaling 446
GO:0007165 Signal transduction 423
GO:0005576 Extracellular region 308
GO:0044459 Plasma membrane part 258
GO:0044421 Extracellular region part 232
GO:0005615 Extracellular space 212
GO:0003008 System process 155
GO:0031226 Intrinsic component of plasma membrane 146
GO:0005887 Integral component of plasma membrane 140
GO:0006811 Ion transport 132
GO:0050877 Nervous system process 96
GO:0007600 Sensory perception 57
GO:0007601 Visual perception 33
GO:0050953 Sensory perception of light stimulus 33
GO:0006936 Muscle contraction 22