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Table 2 Source documents

From: Data management plan for a community-level study of the hidden burden of cutaneous leishmaniasis in Colombia

CRF or other data collection tool Where collected Source document
Guaral RPC: presumptive diagnosis, and initialization of the patient in the system. Field or health facility Guaral RPC, or possibly a paper version for community-based surveillance
Guaral +ST: adverse events and treatment follow-up Field Guaral +ST
Guaral +ST: photographs of treatment follow-up Field or health facility Guaral +ST
Treatment follow-up card Field or health facility Treatment follow-up card (used only if the Guaral +ST app is not available)
SND desktop interface: record of the prescribed treatment Health facility Medical record
PHP application for laboratory results Health facility Laboratory book
SND desktop interface: allocation of CHV to follow-up Health facility Desktop SND interface
Laboratory results eCRF CIDEIM (Cali) Medical record (Histoweb)
Validation study CRF CIDEIM (Cali) Validation study CRF
Vector (entomology) CRF Field Vector CRF
Screening and enrolment desktop app Health facility Screening and enrolment desktop app
DOTS project database Existing data from DOTS project DOTS CRF