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BMC Series Focus Issue

Data sharing

Research data are the foundations of reliable and reproducible science. Sharing your data and making it available for others increases the trustworthiness of a manuscript. Furthermore, open data let's others build upon your research and can advance discoveries, as well as contribute to the public good. 

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Our values strongly align with these statements and at the BMC series, we offer specialized article types, such as Databases and Data Notes, to provide the community with options for data-specific publications. Additionally, authors are encouraged to share their data and an Availability of Data and Materials statement is mandatory for all published content. 

Here, we would like to highlight different ways authors were able to publish and share their data by choosing the BMC Series. 

This collection was originally published in January 2021.


A database for ITS2 sequences from nematodes
Matthew L. Workentine, Rebecca Chen, Shawna Zhu, Stefan Gavriliuc, Nicolette Shaw, Jill de Rijke, Elizabeth M. Redman, Russell W. Avramenko, Janneke Wit, Jocelyn Poissant & John S. Gilleard 
BMC Genetics 21, 74 (2020) 

Web of microbes (WoM): a curated microbial exometabolomics database for linking chemistry and microbes
Suzanne M. Kosina, Annette M. Greiner, Rebecca K. Lau, Stefan Jenkins, Richard Baran, Benjamin P. Bowen & Trent R. Northen 
BMC Microbiology 18, 115 (2018) 

GSDB: a database of 3D chromosome and genome structures reconstructed from Hi-C data
Oluwatosin Oluwadare, Max Highsmith, Douglass Turner, Erez Lieberman Aiden & Jianlin Cheng 
BMC Molecular and Cell Biology 21, 60 (2020) 

NCX-DB: a unified resource for integrative analysis of the sodium calcium exchanger super-family
Katrin Bode & Damien M. O’Halloran 
BMC Neuroscience 19, 19 (2018) 

PlaPPISite: a comprehensive resource for plant protein-protein interaction sites
Xiaodi Yang, Shiping Yang, Huan Qi, Tianpeng Wang, Hong Li & Ziding Zhang 
BMC Plant Biology 20, 61 (2020) 

Cohort profile: King’s Health Partners bladder cancer biobank
Pinky Kotecha, Charlotte L. Moss, Deborah Enting, Cheryl Gillett, Magdalene Joseph, Debra Josephs, Sarah Rudman, Simon Hughes, Fidelma Cahill, Harriet Wylie, Anna Haire, James Rosekilly, Muhammad Shamin Khan, Rajesh Nair, Ramesh Thurairaja, Sachin Malde & Mieke Van Hemelrijck 
BMC Cancer 20, 920 (2020) 

Epistemonikos: a comprehensive database of systematic reviews for health decision-making
Gabriel Rada, Daniel Pérez, […]on behalf of Epistemonikos project
BMC Medical Research Methodology 20, 286 (2020)

Guy’s cancer cohort – real world evidence for cancer pathways
C. Moss, A. Haire, F. Cahill, D. Enting, S. Hughes, D. Smith, E. Sawyer, A. Davies, J. Zylstra, K. Haire, A. Rigg & M. Van Hemelrijck 
BMC Cancer 20, 187 (2020)

Data Notes

Doppler radar rainfall prediction and gauge data
Jesse W. Lansford, Tyson H. Walsh, T. V. Hromadka II & P. Rao 
BMC Research Notes 13, 482 (2020) 

Draft genome assembly of Passalora sequoiae a needle blight pathogen on Leyland cypress
Warren E. Copes, Jorge Ibarra Caballero, Ebrahiem Babiker, Jane E. Stewart, Valerie A. Orner, Alan S. Windham & Renee S. Arias 
BMC Research Notes 13, 505 (2020) 

De novo assembly of the Brown trout (Salmo trutta m. fario) brain and muscle transcriptome: transcript annotation, tissue differential expression profile and SNP discovery
J. Fibla, N. Oromi, M. Pascual-Pons, J. L. Royo, A. Palau & M. Fibla 
BMC Research Notes 13, 503 (2020)

Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy in obese patients with ventricular assist devices: a data note
Adrian daSilva-deAbreu, Kiran Garikapati, Bader Aldeen Alhafez, Sapna Desai, Clement Eiswirth, Selim Krim, Hamang Patel, Carl J. Lavie, Hector O. Ventura, Juan Francisco Loro-Ferrer & Stacy A. Mandras 
BMC Research Notes 13, 439 (2020) 

Research articles and Technical advances

Sharing genomic data from clinical testing with researchers: public survey of expectations of clinical genomic data management in Queensland, Australia
Miranda E. Vidgen, Sid Kaladharan, Eva Malacova, Cameron Hurst & Nicola Waddell 
BMC Medical Ethics 21, 119 (2020)

A problem-oriented systems approach to primary care system development: development and initial testing of the problem-oriented primary care system development record
Ali Rafik Shukor, Erica Barbazza, Niek Klazinga & Dionne Sofia Kringos 
BMC Health Services Research 20, 706 (2020)

Adverse event profiles of dipeptidyl peptidase-4 inhibitors: data mining of the public version of the FDA adverse event reporting system
Jing Huang, Yuntao Jia, Shusen Sun & Long Meng 
BMC Pharmacology and Toxicology 21, 68 (2020)

Utility of deep learning networks for the generation of artificial cardiac magnetic resonance images in congenital heart disease
Gerhard-Paul Diller, Julius Vahle, Robert Radke, Maria Luisa Benesch Vidal, Alicia Jeanette Fischer, Ulrike M. M. Bauer, Samir Sarikouch, Felix Berger, Philipp Beerbaum, Helmut Baumgartner, Stefan Orwat & for the German Competence Network for Congenital Heart Defects Investigators
BMC Medical Imaging 20, 113 (2020) 

Assessment of electronic disease early warning system for improved disease surveillance and outbreak response in Yemen
Fekri Dureab, Kamran Ahmed, Claudia Beiersmann, Claire J. Standley, Ali Alwaleedi & Albrecht Jahn 
BMC Public Health 20, 1422 (2020) 

Establishment of a pediatric COVID-19 biorepository: unique considerations and opportunities for studying the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on children
Rosiane Lima, Elizabeth F. Gootkind, Denis De la Flor, Laura J. Yockey, Evan A. Bordt, Paolo D’Avino, Shen Ning, Katerina Heath, Katherine Harding, Jaclyn Zois, Grace Park, Margot Hardcastle, Kathleen A. Grinke, Sheila Grimmel, Susan P. Davidson, Pamela J. Forde, Kathryn E. Hall, Anne M. Neilan, Juan D. Matute, Paul H. Lerou, Alessio Fasano, Jessica E. Shui, Andrea G. Edlow & Lael M. Yonker 
BMC Medical Research Methodology 20, 228 (2020)

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