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Figure 2

From: Analysis of apyrase 5' upstream region validates improved Anopheles gambiae transformation technique

Figure 2

Developmental- and tissue-specific LacZ expression analysis of three An. gambiae transgenic lines. Total RNA from wild-type and transgenic mosquitoes was used to synthesize cDNA which was then amplified by PCR; as a control, PCR amplification of RNA templates without Reverse Transcriptase treatment was performed. The transgenic lines/families analyzed are indicated on the left. LacZ, RT-PCR amplification with LacZ-bghT specific primers, 35 cycles; rpS7, RT-PCR amplification with rpS7-specific primers, 25 cycles in order to keep the amplification below the saturation level; control, PCR amplification with LacZ-bghT-specific primers, 35 cycles. L, third and fourth instar larvae; P, pupae; sg, adult female salivary glands; c, carcasses (whole female body without salivary glands); m, males.

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