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Fig. 4

From: Survival of Bacillus spp. SUBB01 at high temperatures and a preliminary assessment of its ability to protect heat-stressed Escherichia coli cells

Fig. 4

Growth revival assay of E. coli SUBE01 at critical growth temperature (45 °C). Effect of high temperature on growth of E. coli: a impact on cell turbidity and influence on the formation of CFUs, (b) and the demonstration of loss of cell culturability by means of spot test (c) upon supplementation with organic and inorganic supplement. Cells were grown in minimal at 45 °C up to 72 h and after 10 h of growth organic supplement (the extracellular fractions of Bacillus species) and inorganic supplement (20 mM MgSO4 with 5 mM EDTA) were added and untreated cells were referred as control. At every 12 h interval, cells were diluted and grown in minimal agar at 37 °C for 24 h. A growth revival was observed to be increased by approximately four logs for E. coli cells at different period of incubation. All experiments were carried out three times and the standard deviations for all data have been indicated by error bars

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