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Table 1 Putative autotransporter-encoding genes

From: Identification of putative adhesins of Actinobacillus suis and their homologues in other members of the family Pasteurellaceae

ASU2 locus tag GenInfo (GI) number (Possible) gene name GenBank Annotated protein function Top App homologue/E value Top Pasteurellaceae homologue/E value Top other homologue/E value
ASU2_04675 407388580 a Autotransporter adhesin Ser. 10 str. D13039 2e−124 Actinobacillus capsulatus 0.0 Collimonas fungivorans Ter331 1e−54
ASU2_06645 407388974 a autotransporter adhesin Ser. 2 str. 4226 0.0 Actinobacillus capsulatus 0.0 Megasphaera genomosp. Type 1 2e−90
ASU2_07040 407389053 a extracellular matrix protein adhesin A Ser. 13 str. N273 5e−25 Actinobacillus capsulatus 0.0 Advenella mimigardefordensis DPN7 2e−14
ASU2_07665 407389178 ycgV (tibA) a,b outer membrane autotransporter Ser. 2 str. S1536 1.3 Actinobacillus capsulatus 0.0 Snodgrassella alvi wkB2 2e−37
ASU2_11100 407389854 aidA a,b,c putative pertactin family virulence factor, OM autotransporter/Type V secretory pathway, adhesin Ser. 7 str. AP76 1.2 Actinobacillus ureae 5E−132 Streptococcus suis R61 3e−11
ASU2_11275 407389889 a autotransporter adhesin Ser. 6 str. Femo 2e−58 Actinobacillus capsulatus 0.0 Acinetobacter sp. ANC 4105 5e−65
  1. () indicates a suggested name that was not present in the annotation
  2. aFunction assigned by conserved motifs
  3. bIdentified by BASys
  4. cClassified by description of homologues