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Table 4 Miscellaneous other putative adhesin-associated genes

From: Identification of putative adhesins of Actinobacillus suis and their homologues in other members of the family Pasteurellaceae

ASU2 locus tag GenInfo (GI) number (Possible) gene name Annotated protein function Top App homologue/E value Top Pasteurellaceae homologue/E value Top other homologue/E value
ASU2_06635 407388972 (fhaB) c Filamentous haemagglutinin outer membrane protein Ser. 6 str. Femo 0.0 Actinobacillus capsulatus 0.0 Acinetobacter bohemicus 0.0
ASU2_06640 407388973 (fhaC) c Hemolysin activation/secretion protein Ser. 4 str. M62 0.0 Actinobacillus capsulatus 0.0 Ralstonia solanacearum 1e−168
ASU2_09130 407389463 (ftpA, dps) c Fine tangled pili major subunit; DNA-binding ferritin-like protein (oxidative damage protectant); DNA protection during starvation Ser. 3 str. JL03 2e−119 Actinobacillus ureae 2E−130 Jonesia denitrificans DSM 20603 2e−61
ASU2_10345 407389704 (comE1, comEA, ybaV) c DNA uptake protein; DNA uptake protein and related DNA-binding proteins; transporter Ser. 7 str. AP76 6e−34 Actinobacillus capsulatus 1E−75 Vibrio nigripulchritudo 4e−21
  1. () indicates a suggested name that was not present in the annotation
  2. aFunction assigned by conserved motifs
  3. bIdentified by BASys
  4. cClassified by description of homologues