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Correction to: Dubin–Johnson syndrome and intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy in a Sri Lankan family: a case report

  • Grace Angeline Malarnangai Kularatnam1Email author,
  • Hewa Dilanthi Warawitage1,
  • Dinesha Maduri Vidanapathirana1,
  • Subashini Jayasena1,
  • Eresha Jasinge1,
  • Ginige Nalika Nirmalene de Silva2,
  • Kirinda Liyana Arachchige Manoj Sanjeeva Liyanarachchi2,
  • Pujitha Wickramasinghe3,
  • Manjit Singh Devgun4,
  • Veronique Barbu5 and
  • Olivier Lascols5
BMC Research Notes201710:492

Received: 26 September 2017

Accepted: 26 September 2017

Published: 5 October 2017

The original article was published in BMC Research Notes 2017 10:487

Correction to: BMC Res Notes (2017) 10:487 DOI 10.1186/s13104-017-2811-6

Following publication of the original article [1], the authors requested the following corrections:
  1. 1.

    Author 2—given name should be Dilanthi and family name Warawitage

  2. 2.

    Author 6—given name should be Nalika and family name de Silva


The original article has been corrected.



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Authors’ Affiliations

Department of Chemical Pathology, Lady Ridgeway Hospital for Children, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Lady Ridgeway Hospital for Children, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Department of Paediatrics, Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Clinical Laboratories, Department of Biochemistry, Wishaw General Hospital, Wishaw, UK
Laboratoire Commun de Biologie et de Génétique Moléculaires, Hôpital Saint-Antoine, Paris, France


  1. Kularatnam GAM, Warawitage HD, Vidanapathirana DM, Jayasena S, Jasinge E, de Silva GNN, Liyanarachchi KLAMS, Wickramasinghe P, Devgun MS, Barbu V, Lascols O. Dubin–Johnson syndrome and intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy in a Sri Lankan family: a case report. BMC Res Notes. 2017;10:487. doi:10.1186/s13104-017-2811-6.View ArticlePubMedPubMed CentralGoogle Scholar


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