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Correction to: Quantifying heterologous gene expression during ectopic MazF production in Escherichia coli

The Original Article was published on 13 May 2022

Correction to: BMC Research Notes (2022) 15:173

Following the publication of the original article [1], the second panel of Fig. 1A was amended, and now shows the correct GFP fluorescence histogram (time point: after 2 h, condition: Ø Ara).

Fig. 1
figure 1

Flow cytometry analysis of GFP fluorescence encoded by gfpΔACA reporters. The leaderless mRNA of the ll-gfpΔACA reporter entirely lacks a 5′-UTR, and this reporter construct has the start sequence ATG of the gfpΔACA gene following directly after the promoter region [16, 20]. The canonical mRNA of the can-gfpΔACA reporter comprises a 5′-UTR, which includes a strong ribosome binding site. A Green distributions depict measurements of the E. coli strain TB212 harboring the plasmid pBAD-mazF and the ll-gfpΔACA reporter encoded on a high-copy plasmid. Light grey distributions depict measurements of the strain harboring only the plasmid pBAD-mazF. Here, one replicate is presented, for further results see Additional file 2. Ectopic mazF overexpression from plasmid pBAD-mazF [19] was induced by adding 0.1% Ara in the early exponential phase, at OD600 = 0.18–0.22. Flow cytometry analysis was performed in the early exponential phase, and 2 h [average OD600(uninduced) = 2.45, OD600(mazF-induced) = 0.45] and 6 h after mazF overexpression [average OD600(uninduced) = 4.42, OD600(mazF-induced) = 0.80]. B Normalized GFP fluorescence from the ll-gfpΔACA reporters or C can-gfpΔACA reporters encoded on a high-copy (HC, dark green) or a low-copy (LC, light green) plasmid, measured in different phases of bacterial growth and after adding arabinose (Ara) to induce mazF expression (N = 3 independent replicate cultures). Altogether, the growth of mazF-induced cultures was reduced by 77–86% after 2 h, and by 71–90% after 6 h, compared to the respective uninduced controls, see Additional file 2

Figure 1A has been solely used to visualize the flow cytometry data, thus the Figure legend remains unchanged.

This correction does not affect any analysis included in the published article, the reported results, or the interpretation of the results.

The original article has been corrected.


  1. Nikolic N, Sauert M, Albanese TG, Moll I. Quantifying heterologous gene expression during ectopic MazF production in Escherichia coli. BMC Res Notes. 2022;15:173.

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