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  1. Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME; sometimes referred to as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) is a chronic disease without laboratory test, detailed aetiological understanding or effective therapy. Its symptoms are divers...

    Authors: Joshua J Dibble, Ben Ferneyhough, Matthew Roddis, Sam Millington, Michael D Fischer, Nick J Parkinson and Chris P Ponting
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2024 17:17
  2. The quality of dried blood spot (DBS) specimens impacts newborn screening (NBS) results, hence proper training is crucial for DBS specimen collection. To address this, a training module for Allied Health Profe...

    Authors: Hafsa Majid, Lena Jafri, Shanzay Rehman, Azeema Jamil, Fatima Khanam, Nadir Shah, Nasir Ali Khan and Aysha Habib Khan
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2024 17:16
  3. With the growing immigrant communities in the western world, there is an urgent need to address language barriers to care, and health disparities as a whole. Studies on limited English proficiency patients (LE...

    Authors: Frank Müller, Julie Ngo, Judith E. Arnetz and Harland T. Holman
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2024 17:15
  4. Patients with coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) and coronary artery disease (CAD) or heart failure (HF) are more likely to have poor outcomes. This study aimed to determine the characteristics and outcomes o...

    Authors: Adrian I. Espiritu, John Christopher A. Pilapil, Jaime Alfonso M. Aherrera, Marie Charmaine C. Sy, Veeda Michelle M. Anlacan, Emilio Q. III Villanueva and Roland Dominic G. Jamora
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2024 17:14
  5. Silicosis is an irreversible occupational lung disease resulting from crystalline silica inhalation. Previously, we discovered that Western diet (HFWD)-consumption increases susceptibility to silica-induced pu...

    Authors: Janet A. Thompson, Michael L. Kashon, Walter McKinney and Jeffrey S. Fedan
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2024 17:13
  6. While mixed dentition space analysis is a common practice in pediatric dentistry, digital models created using an intraoral scanner are not as widely used in clinical settings. This preliminary study used a ve...

    Authors: Ayuko Okamoto, Hiroyuki Karibe, Satoshi Tanaka, Tomomi Kawakami and Akikazu Shinya
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2024 17:12
  7. The spirometry test is a valuable test to evaluate the performance of the respiratory system. The interpretation of the results is highly dependent on the quality of its performance, while the inappropriate qu...

    Authors: Amirala Alavi Foumani, Seyyed Ali Alavi Foumani, Mirsaeed Attarchi, Alireza Etemadi Deilami, Behzad Majlesi, Shima Ildari and Habib Eslami-Kenarsari
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2024 17:11
  8. There is an interest in the extent to which the wealth status of women predicts their risk of being pre-hypertensive. This understanding is lacking in the current body of empirical literature, particularly wit...

    Authors: Castro Ayebeng, Joshua Okyere, Samuel Salu and Kwamena Sekyi Dickson
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2024 17:10
  9. We annotated the latest published sequences of the 26 Zea mays Nested Association Mapping (NAM) founder lines using GOMAP, the Gene Ontology Meta Annotator for Plants. The maize NAM panel enables researchers to u...

    Authors: Leila Fattel, Colleen F. Yanarella, Blessing Ngara, Olivia T. Johnson, Darwin A. Campbell, Kokulapalan Wimalanathan and Carolyn J. Lawrence-Dill
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2024 17:9
  10. The literature shows that the prevalence of dietary supplements is high and guidance by a nutritionist or specialized professional is low in professional triathletes. It is reasonable to assume that in recreat...

    Authors: Vinnycius Nunes de Oliveira, Marilia Santos Andrade, Rafaella Sinisgalli, Rodrigo Luiz Vancini, Gustavo de Conti Teixeira Costa, Katja Weiss, Beat Knechtle and Claudio Andre Barbosa de Lira
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2024 17:8
  11. Trust and health are both fundamental elements of a socially sustainable society. While much research has shown that trust is associated with better mental health outcomes in adults, studies of young people ar...

    Authors: Sara Brolin Låftman, Jonas Raninen and Viveca Östberg
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2024 17:7
  12. Mosquitoes are notorious insects that transmit a wide range of infectious diseases, including zika, malaria, chikungunya, filariasis, and dengue. The overuse and incorrect application of synthetic pesticides t...

    Authors: Priyanka Mandal and Goutam Chandra
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2024 17:6
  13. This research aims to quantify antiquorum sensing and antibiofilm activity of f phyllosphere bacteria against biofilm formed by pathogenic fish bacteria such as Aeromonas hydrophila, Streptococcus agalactiae, and...

    Authors: Griselda Lukman, Diana Elizabeth Waturangi, Pande Gde Sasmita Julyantoro and Nurmaya Papuangan
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2024 17:5
  14. Metformin is a widely used antidiabetic biguanide. Retrospective data demonstrated the association of metformin use with survival benefit in multiple tumor types. Interest in repurposing metformin to treat can...

    Authors: Heba Mohamed Zaki, Khadiga Mohamed Ali, Mona Younis Youssef Abd Allah, Amoura Mohamed Abouelnaga, Mohamed Elsaid Abdraboh and Osama Hussein
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2024 17:4
  15. It has been observed that viruses can be inactivated by UVA radiation and visible light. The aim of this study is to investigate whether a medium that contains a photosensitizer might have an influence on vira...

    Authors: Florian Sommerfeld, Laura Weyersberg, Petra Vatter and Martin Hessling
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2024 17:3
  16. Candida albicans, a polymorphic yeast, is one of the most common, opportunistic fungal pathogens of humans. Among the different morphological forms, opaque form is one of the least-studied ones. This opaque pheno...

    Authors: Gajanan Zore, Mazen Abdulghani, Santosh Kodgire, Rubina Kazi, Amruta Shelar and Rajendra Patil
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2024 17:2
  17. Plants in the Annonaceae family are known for having abundant biologically active secondary metabolites. They have been used in alternative drugs for various diseases in several countries, for instance, the bark ...

    Authors: Pathrapol Lithanatudom, Kriangkrai Chawansuntati, Chalermpong Saenjum, Tanawat Chaowasku, Kritsadee Rattanathammethee, Boonsong Wungsintaweekul, Maslin Osathanunkul and Jiraprapa Wipasa
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2023 16:381
  18. How we express and describe emotion is shaped by sociocultural norms. These sociocultural norms may also affect emotional self-awareness, i.e., how we identify and make sense of our own emotions. Previous stud...

    Authors: Charlotte F. Huggins, Justin H. G. Williams and Wataru Sato
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2023 16:380
  19. The biliary epithelial cells (cholangiocytes) in the liver originate from undifferentiated liver parenchymal cells (hepatoblasts) that are located adjacent to the portal vein. This differentiation process is d...

    Authors: Masaharu Yoshihara, Takahiro Nakayama and Satoru Takahashi
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2023 16:379
  20. Total laryngectomy (TL) is a complex procedure, and patients undergoing TL are at high risk for readmission, which exposes them to hospital-acquired complications. Readmission rate is a metric for quality of c...

    Authors: Almoaidbellah Rammal, Abdulsalam Alqutub, Omar Alsulami, Naif Mozahim, Sara Mozahim, Mohammed Awadh, Muatasaim Hakami, Rahaf AlThomali and Ahmed Mogharbel
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2023 16:377
  21. The centrosome is universally recognized as the microtubule organizing center of animal cells, but emerging evidence suggests that it has other important functions including primary cilia formation, DNA damage...

    Authors: Jesus Salas, Alexander Garcia, Vancy Zora, Sean Dornbush, Fady Mousa-Ibrahim, Hanna Fogg, Zeynep Gromley and Adam Gromley
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2023 16:375
  22. The comparison of Google internet searches for English words in construction for “construction stress”, “construction mental” and “construction suicide” with reference to “construction worker” has not previous...

    Authors: Craig Steven McLachlan and Hang Truong
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2023 16:374
  23. The class II transactivator (CIITA), encoded by the CIITA gene, controls expression of immune response regulators, which affect bone homeostasis. Previously, we investigated a functional CIITA polymorphism in eld...

    Authors: Vivi FH Jensen, Maria Swanberg, Maria Herlin, Fiona E McGuigan, Niklas R Jørgensen and Kristina E Akesson
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2023 16:372
  24. Despite the advances in surgical and clinical approaches, there is no consensus regarding the best line of treatment from rectovaginal fistula (RVF). Faced with a challenging scenario in the approach of RVF, t...

    Authors: Denise Gasparetti Drumond, Camila de Moraes Sarmento Condé, Júlio Maria da Fonseca Chebli, Liliana Andrade Chebli, Samuel Drumond Esperança and Neila Maria de Góis Speck
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2023 16:371
  25. Roller swabbing of surfaces is an effective way to obtain environmental DNA, but the current DNA extraction method for these samples is equipment heavy, time consuming, and increases potential contamination th...

    Authors: Austin M. Guthrie, Paul Nevill, Christine E. Cooper, Philip W. Bateman and Mieke van der Heyde
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2023 16:370
  26. Swallowing dysfunction (dysphagia) significantly impacts patient and medical outcomes. In Sweden, there is no comprehensive outcome measure for dysphagia that incorporates holistic assessment and dysphagia imp...

    Authors: Klara Movander, Tove Larsson Palmquist, Patricia Hägglund and Liza Bergström
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2023 16:369
  27. Prior studies have shown controversial results on the vertical transmission of BK virus (BKV). The present study aimed to assess the possibility of BKV vertical transmission from mother to fetus in the product...

    Authors: Mona Shokoofeh, Somayeh Shatizadeh Malekshahi and Haleh Soltanghoraee
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2023 16:367
  28. The emergence and widespread dissemination of antibiotic resistance in A. baumannii, has become a globally challenge. The increasing hospital outbreaks by multi-drug resistant (MDR) A. baumannii strains, shows th...

    Authors: Farzaneh Firoozeh, Mohammad Ghorbani, Mohammad Zibaei, Farzad Badmasti, Malihe Farid, Narges Omidinia and Fatemeh Bakhshi
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2023 16:365
  29. The purpose of this study was to determine the impact of Elaeagnus Angustifolia extract (EA) on human dermal fibroblast (HDF) survival, migration, and wound healing-related genes.

    Authors: Ehsaneh Azaryan, Sepideh Sarfi, Seyede Fatemeh Hosseini, Mansoore Saharkhiz, Khadijeh vazifeshenas-Darmiyan and Mohsen Naseri
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2023 16:364
  30. The aims of this study were (1) to develop a decision-making aid for couples hesitant about transitioning from infertility treatment to advanced assisted reproductive technology, (2) to examine the adequacy of...

    Authors: Kyoko Asazawa, Kaori Takahata, Natsuko Kojima, Hiromi Onizawa, Masami Kawanami, Atsumi Yoshida, Kumiko Hasegawa, Makoto Chihara and Naoko Arimori
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2023 16:362
  31. The prevalence of sedentary behaviour has concurrently risen with multiple cardiometabolic risk markers independent of physical activity levels. Office-based workers accumulate the highest levels of sitting ti...

    Authors: Merling Phaswana and Philippe Jean-Luc Gradidge
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2023 16:361

    The Correction to this article has been published in BMC Research Notes 2024 17:79

  32. Association between a genetic polymorphism and disease, either positively or negatively, within a population may not necessarily predict association in other race-ethnic populations. The aim of this study was ...

    Authors: Afrah Ameri, Khalil Khashei Varnamkhasti, Sara Parhoudeh, Samire Khashei Varnamkhasti, Leila Naeimi and Sirous Naeimi
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2023 16:360
  33. Rare codons were previously shown to be enriched at the beginning of the dengue virus (DENV) open reading frame. However, the role of rare codons in regulating translation efficiency and replication of DENV re...

    Authors: Maneenop Yimyaem, Kunlakanya Jitobaom and Prasert Auewarakul
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2023 16:359
  34. There is paucity of hepatitis B virus (HBV) data among student populations although Ghana is HBV endemic. Screening and identification of factors associated with HBV transmission in schools will support the in...

    Authors: Patrick K. Nyambah, Richard Agjei and Bismark Sarfo
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2023 16:358
  35. HIV/AIDS is the most known powerful risk factor for morbidity and mortality in the world. The greatest biological markers in HIV patients are CD4 cell count and hemoglobin level, as they are independent predic...

    Authors: Nurye Seid Muhie and Awoke Seyoum Tegegne
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2023 16:357
  36. Biliary atresia (BA) is a progressive fibro-obliterative disease of the biliary tract, which results in end-stage liver disease. However, liver fibrosis progression may continue even after Kasai surgery. Recen...

    Authors: Gunadi, Dyah Ayu Puspitarani, Khanza Adzkia Vujira, Fadila Dyah Trie Utami, Edita Mayda Devana, Fiqih Vidiantoro Halim, Kristy Iskandar and Akhmad Makhmudi
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2023 16:356
  37. The data provided herein represent the whole-genome sequencing data associated with three sheep breeds of Iranian native breeds. Sheep are the first domesticated animals that, during the long path of the evolu...

    Authors: Leila Mohammadipour Saadatabadi, Mohammadreza Mohammadabadi, Zeinab Amiri Ghanatsaman, Olena Babenko, Ruslana Volodymyrivna Stavetska, Oleksandr Mikolayovich Kalashnik, Volodymyr Afanasenko, Oleksandr Anatoliiovych Kochuk-Yashchenko, Dmytro Mykolaiovych Kucher and Hojjat Asadollahpour Nanaei
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2023 16:353
  38. War and armed conflicts are the major causes of mortality, morbidity and disability. This study was aimed at assessing the prevalence of injury, cause and its outcome among civilians during the war in Tigray, ...

    Authors: Akeza Awealom Asgedom, Abenezer Etsedingl, Teklehaimanot Tekle Hailemariam, Mengistu Hagazi Tequare, Tesfay Hailu, Amanuel Tesfay Tsegay, Abraha Gebreegziabher Hailu, Simret Niguse Weldebirhan, Melaku Hailu, Negash Abreha Weldesenbet, Girmatsion Fisseha and Yibrah Alemayehu
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2023 16:352
  39. To explore the knowledge and attitude towards sickle cell disease (SCD) among care givers of paediatric sickle cell patients at Mbale regional referral hospital in Eastern Uganda.

    Authors: Christine H Namugerwa, Yahaya Gavamukulya and Banson John Barugahare
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2023 16:351
  40. Equity in the delivery of health services, including diagnostic imaging, is crucial to achieving universal health coverage. The Health Transformation Plan (HTP), launched in 2014, represents a major healthcare...

    Authors: Maryam Saran, Banafsheh Darvishi Teli, Aziz Rezapour, Soraya Nouraei Motlagh, Meysam Behzadifar, Payam Haghighatfard, Nicola Luigi Bragazzi and Masoud Behzadifar
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2023 16:350

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