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  1. Escherichia coli (E. coli) is an opportunistic bacterium, which is globally recognized for its high prevalence and antimicrobial resistance (AMR). The presence of colistin-resistant representative mcr- 1, 2 genes...

    Authors: Bahman Mirzaei, Aida Ebrahimi, Bahareh Hariri, Zahra Sokouti, Niloufar Kazemi and Narges Moradi
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2023 16:192
  2. Evidence shows that majority of dermatological disorders affect the health-related quality of life (HRQoL) of patients. However, the extent of its negative impact and predictors has not been studied in Ethiopi...

    Authors: Eyayaw Ashete Belachew and Ashenafi Kibret Sendekie
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2023 16:191
  3. Researchers sought patient feedback on a proposed randomized controlled trial (RCT) in which gynecological cancer patients would modify their diets with intermittent fasting to gain insight into patients’ pers...

    Authors: Ashley Redding, Sara Santarossa, Dana Murphy, Mary Priyanka Udumula, Adnan Munkarah, Miriana Hijaz and Ramandeep Rattan
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2023 16:190
  4. We optimized the spectrophotometric micromethod for the determination of arginase activity based on the Corraliza et al. modification of Schimke’s method. Arginase activity in sera from patients suffering from...

    Authors: Romaric Nzoumbou-Boko, Cyrille Oliver Ozzin-Kholy Zolipou, Brice Martial Yambiyo, Silla Semballa, Mireille Cornelia Ingrid Denissio Morissi Nalingbo, Sylvie Daulouède and Philippe Vincendeau
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2023 16:188
  5. Eutrophication poses a mounting concern in today’s world. Ceratophyllum submersum L. is one of many plants capable of living in eutrophic conditions, therefore it could play a critical role in addressing the prob...

    Authors: Samuel Nestor Meckoni, Benneth Nass and Boas Pucker
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2023 16:187
  6. The aim of this study was to evaluate the impact of work-related musculoskeletal (MSK) lower body pain on health-related quality of life (HRQoL) and work productivity in a large sample of workers in the United...

    Authors: Adam B. Smith, Stephanie Cooper, Jennifer Hanning and Carolyn Buckley
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2023 16:186
  7. Scar tissue is an identified cause for the development of malignant ventricular arrhythmias in patients of myocardial infarction, which ultimately leads to cardiac death, a fatal outcome. We aim to evaluate th...

    Authors: Yashbir Singh, Shadi Atalla, Wathiq Mansoor, Rahul Paul and Deepa Deepa
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2023 16:185
  8. The ever-increasing number of genetically engineered mouse models highlights the need for efficient archiving and distribution of these lines. Sperm cryopreservation has become the preferred technique for the ...

    Authors: Magdalena Wigger, Marco Schneider, Anni Feldmann, Sonja Assenmacher, Branko Zevnik and Simon E. Tröder
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2023 16:184
  9. Authors: Morenike Oluwatoyin Folayan, Roberto Ariel Abeldaño Zuñiga, Nourhan M. Aly, Passent Ellakany, Ifeoma E. Idigbe, Mohammed Jafer, Folake B. Lawal, Zumama Khalid, Joanne Lusher, Jorma I. Virtanen and Annie L. Nguyen
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2023 16:182

    The original article was published in BMC Research Notes 2023 16:90

  10. The glucocorticoid receptor (GR) is a well-studied, ligand-activated transcription factor and a common target of anti-inflammatory treatments. Recently, several studies have drawn attention the effects of bind...

    Authors: Nickolaus C. Lammer, Mary A. Allen, Robert T. Batey and Deborah S. Wuttke
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2023 16:181
  11. Social media text mining has been widely used to extract information about the experiences and needs of patients regarding various diseases, especially cancer. Understanding these issues is necessary for furth...

    Authors: Alireza Ardalani and Mojtaba Daneshvar
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2023 16:179
  12. This study was performed to investigate the potential effects of Weissella confusa F213 (WCF213) on chemically-induced colitis rats. Twelve male Wistar rats were divided into three groups: T1 (saline sterile), T2...

    Authors: I Nengah Sujaya, Ida Ayu Gde Wahyudevi Dharmika, Gede Ngurah Rsi Suwardana, I Ketut Mariadi, I Gusti Kamasan Nyoman Arijana, Ida Bagus Oka Winaya, Komang Ayu Nocianitri, Yan Ramona and Ni Nengah Dwi Fatmawati
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2023 16:178
  13. Blood chemistry may provide indicators to greater feed efficient cattle. As a side objective to previous research, 17 Angus heifers approximately two years old underwent a feed efficiency trial to determine re...

    Authors: Brooke A. Clemmons, Taylor B. Ault-Seay, Madison T. Henniger, M. Gabbi Martin, Pierre-Yves Mulon, David E. Anderson, Brynn H. Voy, Kyle J. McLean and Phillip R. Myer
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2023 16:177
  14. The effects of COVID-19 on the organism are still being investigated, especially after the transformation of this virus from a respiratory disease in its first appearance to a multi-organ disease that can affe...

    Authors: Rose Mary Jabbour, Souheil Hallit, Rita Saliby, Abed El Karim Baydoun and Nancy Nakhoul
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2023 16:176
  15. Multiple national and international studies of college student COVID-19 vaccination have been recently published, providing important descriptive information and a conceptual basis to inform future decisions a...

    Authors: Tapati Dutta, Jon Agley, Yunyu Xiao, Lilian Golzarri-Arroyo and Sumayyah Ali
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2023 16:175
  16. In order to provide a better insight into the functional capacity of the human gut microbiome, we isolated a novel bacterium, “Candidatus Intestinicoccus colisanans” gen. nov. sp. nov., and performed whole genome...

    Authors: Joyce Zhou, Joel A Boyd, Bozica Nyeverecz, Charlotte Vivian, Nicola Angel, David L A Wood, Philip Hugenholtz, Gene W Tyson, Lutz Krause and Páraic Ó Cuív
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2023 16:174
  17. Hospitals serve as hotspots of antibiotic resistance. Despite several studies exploring antibiotic resistance in hospitals, none have explored the resistance profile of soil bacteria from a hospital precinct. ...

    Authors: Shalini Kunhikannan, Colleen J. Thomas, M. N. Sumana, Ashley E. Franks, Sumana Kumar, S. Nagarathna, Steve Petrovski and Anya E. Shindler
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2023 16:173
  18. In response to national guidelines, we implemented a two-step testing algorithm for Clostridioides difficile in an effort to improve diagnostic accuracy. Following implementation, we analyzed treatment frequency ...

    Authors: Caitlin C. Bettger, Stephanie E. Giancola, Robert J. Cybulski Jr, Jason F. Okulicz and Alice E. Barsoumian
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2023 16:172
  19. The study of total fuzzy graphs in all cases is crucial for the development of both theories and applications of the graph theory. Without theory the application will not be developed. Hence this manuscript at...

    Authors: Fekadu Tesgera Agama, V. N. SrinivasaRao Repalle and Laxmi Rathour
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2023 16:168
  20. Tumors are heterogeneous three-dimensional masses populated by numerous cell types, including distinct sub-clones of cancerous cells. Various sub-clones within the same tumor mass may respond differently to ca...

    Authors: Anna Połeć, Per Olaf Ekstrøm, Christian Fougner, Therese Sørlie and Jens Henrik Norum
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2023 16:167
  21. To ensure reproducibility in biomedical research, the biological variable sex must be reported; yet a reason for using male (instead of female) rodents is seldom given. In our search for novel adenosine recept...

    Authors: Helena D. Janse van Rensburg, Gisella Terre’Blanche and Mietha M. Van der Walt
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2023 16:165
  22. In humans, approximately 5% of all cancers are attributable to HPV infection. Prophylactic vaccines can inhibit viral migration and persistence. However, further studies are still required to develop such trea...

    Authors: Sahar Sadr-Momtaz, Maryam Aftabi, Emad Behboudi, Malihe Naderi, Anahita Hashemzadeh-Omran and Abdolvahab Moradi
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2023 16:164
  23. Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli strains LAA-positive are important cause of human infection. The capability to adhere to epithelial cells is a key virulence trait, and genes codified in LAA pathogenicity i...

    Authors: Rocío Colello, M. Victoria Vélez, M. Victoria Nieto Farias, Marcelo Rodríguez, David Montero, Roberto Vidal, Analía I. Etcheverría and Nora Lía Padola
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2023 16:163
  24. Oligodendrocytes (OL) are the glial cell type in the CNS that are responsible for myelin formation. The ability to culture OLs in vitro has provided critical insights into the mechanisms underlying their funct...

    Authors: Guillermo Rodriguez Bey and Quasar Saleem Padiath
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2023 16:161
  25. To examine the clinical efficacy of prophylactic metoclopramide in reducing the incidence of nausea and vomiting in emergency department (ED) patients with acute pain who were treated with intravenous tramadol.

    Authors: Haruethai Sriwiset, Thanin Lokeskrawee, Jayanton Patumanond, Pakpoom Wongyikul and Phichayut Phinyo
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2023 16:158
  26. To explore the use of multivariable instrumental variables to resolve the “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” adjustment problem created for Mendelian randomisation (MR) analysis using the smoking or lung ...

    Authors: Benjamin Woolf, Dipender Gill, Hannah Sallis and Marcus R. Munafò
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2023 16:157
  27. To identify the social inclusion needs that were (i) most commonly identified and (ii) most and least commonly prioritised as support planning goals for mental health service users living in supported accommod...

    Authors: Sharon Eager, Helen Killaspy, Joanna C, Gillian Mezey, Megan Downey and Brynmor Lloyd-Evans
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2023 16:156
  28. The ability to form biofilm is considered as one of major virulence factors of Candida albicans, as biofilms form growth confers antifungal resistance and facilitate immune evasion. It is intriguing to understand...

    Authors: Gajanan Zore, Mazen Abdulghani, Rubina Kazi, Amruta Shelar and Rajendra Patil
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2023 16:155
  29. Diabetes is the most common metabolic disorder that leads to various complications, and among these complications, disruption in the lipid profile and serum uric acid (SUA) is one of the significant cases that...

    Authors: Haniyeh Sadat Fayazi, Seyyedeh Sahereh Mortazavi Khatibani, Behrang Motamed and Maryam Yaseri
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2023 16:154
  30. Animal movement is an important factor in the transmission of infectious diseases among livestock. A better understanding of animal movement characteristics provides a more reliable estimation of disease sprea...

    Authors: Yoshinori Murato, Yoko Hayama, Sonoko Kondo, Kotaro Sawai, Emi Yamaguchi and Takehisa Yamamoto
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2023 16:153
  31. In this study, we aimed to implement and evaluate a Web-based partnership support program to enhance the QoL of male patients undergoing infertility treatment. We conducted a pilot study involving 41 infertile...

    Authors: Kyoko Asazawa, Mina Jitsuzaki, Akiko Mori, Tomohiko Ichikawa, Masami Kawanami and Atsumi Yoshida
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2023 16:152
  32. The National Registry of Healthcare Facilities is a system with the registry of every healthcare facility in Brazil with information on the capacity building and healthcare workforce regarding its public or pr...

    Authors: Rebecca Salles, Victor de Paula Dornellas Ribeiro, Raquel Gritz, Carlos Leonardo Souza Cardoso, Balthazar Paixão, Lucas Carraro, Sérgio Ricardo de Borba Cruz, Vinicius Kreischer, Carmen Lúcia Corrêa Bonifácio, Raphael de Freitas Saldanha, Gabriel Souto, Matheus Miloski, Leandro Zirondi, Gizelton Pereira Alencar, Ariane Camilo Pinheiro Alves, Nelson Niero Neto…
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2023 16:151
  33. Evidence suggest that wildlife Infectious diseases related to wildlife are of most importance because of the agents’ capacity to spill over into humans from the wild reservoir. Among them, the bacteria Bartonella

    Authors: Jesús Rojas-Jaimes and Juana del Valle-Mendoza
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2023 16:150
  34. Surveillance of infant and fetal deaths is of paramount importance in thinking about government strategies to reduce these rates, provide greater visibility of these mortality figures in the country, enable th...

    Authors: Gabriel Souto, Matheus Miloski, Carlos Leonardo Souza Cardoso, Vinicius Kreischer, Balthazar Paixão, Victor de Paula Dornellas Ribeiro, Raquel Gritz, Lucas Carraro, Sérgio Ricardo de Borba Cruz, Carmen Lúcia Corrêa Bonifácio, Raphael de Freitas Saldanha, Leandro Zirondi, Gizelton Pereira Alencar, Ariane Camilo Pinheiro Alves, Nelson Niero Neto, Rebecca Salles…
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2023 16:149
  35. The Genomes to Fields (G2F) 2022 Maize Genotype by Environment (GxE) Prediction Competition aimed to develop models for predicting grain yield for the 2022 Maize GxE project field trials, leveraging the datase...

    Authors: Dayane Cristina Lima, Jacob D. Washburn, José Ignacio Varela, Qiuyue Chen, Joseph L. Gage, Maria Cinta Romay, James Holland, David Ertl, Marco Lopez-Cruz, Fernando M. Aguate, Gustavo de los Campos, Shawn Kaeppler, Timothy Beissinger, Martin Bohn, Edward Buckler, Jode Edwards…
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2023 16:148
  36. Human lymphotropic virus type 1 (HTLV-1) is the cause of two major diseases, ATLL and HAM/TSP in a percentage of carriers. Despite progress in understanding the pathogenesis of these two diseases, the exact pa...

    Authors: Sahar Yaslianifard, Monireh Movahedi, Somayeh Yaslianifard and Sayed‑Hamidreza Mozhgani
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2023 16:147
  37. To investigate the performance of GeneXpert MTB/RIF Ultra to accurately detect rifampicin resistance for less common rpoB mutations that potentially confer phenotypic resistance, we tested 28 such Mycobacterium t...

    Authors: Leen Rigouts, Jelle Keysers, Reenaers Rabab, Kristina Fissette, Armand van Deun and Bouke Catherine de Jong
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2023 16:146
  38. RNA extraction from Mycobacterium tuberculosis has been a historically challenging task for researchers due to the thick lipids associated with the cell wall of this “notorious” pathogen that is responsible for T...

    Authors: NE Mvubu, A. Salig, K. Moopanar, ASG Nyide, D. Govender and E. Mankayi
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2023 16:145
  39. Renal growth in infancy determines renal function in adulthood and can easily be assessed via infant renal volume. Renal growth is influenced by many endogenous and exogenous factors among which nutrition is o...

    Authors: Aisha Tariq Alam, Iftikhar Ijaz, Muhammad Umer Mukhtar, Muhammad Ahmad Qureshi, Qasim Mehmood, Farnaz Abbas and Khunsa Junaid
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2023 16:143

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