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  1. Given the neglected nature of filariasis, especially in Uganda where data are scarce, this cross-sectional study aimed to determine the sero-antigen prevalence of lymphatic filariasis and risk factors associat...

    Authors: Vicent Mwesigye, Benson Musinguzi, Benson Okongo, William Mucunguzi, Michael Nyende Kakaire and Richard Migisha
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2024 17:141
  2. Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)-associated tracheal stenosis (COATS) may occur as a result of prolonged intubation during COVID-19 infection. We aimed to investigate patterns of gene expression in the trac...

    Authors: Russell Seth Martins, Joanna Weber, Kostantinos Poulikidis, Al Haitham Al Shetawi, M. Jawad Latif, Syed Shahzad Razi, Robert S. Lebovics and Faiz Y. Bhora
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2024 17:140
  3. Pulmonary air leaks (PALs) due to visceral pleura injury during surgery is frequently observed after pulmonary resections and the complication is difficult to avoid in thoracic surgery. The development of post...

    Authors: Masato Kanzaki, Ryo Takagi, Shota Mitsuboshi, Hiroaki Shidei, Tamami Isaka and Masayuki Yamato
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2024 17:139
  4. The purpose of this study was to identify the M protein trans-acting positive regulator (Mga) orthologue and its adjacent M-like protein (SCM) alleles in Streptococcus canis.

    Authors: Takashi Takahashi, Takahiro Maeda, Haruno Yoshida, Mieko Goto, Yuzo Tsuyuki and Jae-Seok Kim
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2024 17:138
  5. The concept of lines of therapy (LOT) in cancer treatment is often considered for decision making in tumor boards and clinical management, but lacks a common definition across medical specialties. The complexi...

    Authors: Lisa Falchetto, Bernd Bender, Ian Erhard, Kim N. Zeiner, Jan A. Stratmann, Florestan J. Koll, Sebastian Wagner, Marcel Reiser, Khayal Gasimli, Angelika Stehle, Martin Voss, Olivier Ballo, Jörg Janne Vehreschild and Daniel Maier
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2024 17:137
  6. After school programs represents a setting for promoting healthy dietary habits. The aim of this study was to evaluate how effective the after school program staff perceived nutrition training aiming to improv...

    Authors: Cecilie Beinert, Margrethe Røed and Frøydis N. Vik
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2024 17:136
  7. Due to the limitations of Twitter, the expansion of Telegram channels, and the Telegram API’s easy use, Telegram comments have become prevalent. Telegram is one of the most popular social networks, unlike Twit...

    Authors: Kia Jahanbin, Mohammad Ali Zare Chahooki, Mahdi Yazdian-Dehkordi and Fereshte Rahmanian
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2024 17:135
  8. The choice of an appropriate similarity measure plays a pivotal role in the effectiveness of clustering algorithms. However, many conventional measures rely solely on feature values to evaluate the similarity ...

    Authors: Mohammad Mahdi Barati Jozan, Aynaz Lotfata, Howard J. Hamilton and Hamed Tabesh
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2024 17:133
  9. Bovine seminal plasma proteins perform several functions related to sperm function. Changes in the expression pattern or abundance of seminal proteins are related to changes in the fertilizing capacity of bull...

    Authors: Camilo Jose Ramirez-Lopez, Edvaldo Barros, Pedro Marcus Vidigal, Lidiany Lopes Gomes, Maria Cristina Baracat-Pereira, Simone Eliza Facioni Guimarães and José Domingos Guimarães
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2024 17:132
  10. The crystal structure of the six protomers of gap junction protein beta 2 (GJB2) enables prediction of the effect(s) of an amino acid substitution, thereby facilitating investigation of molecular pathogenesis ...

    Authors: Kazunori Namba, Hideki Mutai, Tatsuo Matsunaga and Hiroki Kaneko
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2024 17:131
  11. In this study, we sought to determine whether faecal shedding occurs among SARS-COV-2 positive Ghanaians, as reported elsewhere. Hence we assayed for SARS-COV-2 in the stools of 48 SARS-COV-2 confirmed patient...

    Authors: Enoch Aninagyei, Reuben Ayivor-Djanie, Jones Gyamfi, Theodore Owuani, Selassie Louis Ameke, Grace Semabia Kpeli, Hubert Kwame Agbogli, Priscilla Essandoh and Kwabena Obeng Duedu
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2024 17:130
  12. The study evaluated sub-microscopic malaria infections in pregnancy using two malaria Rapid Diagnostic Tests (mRDTs), microscopy and RT-PCR and characterized Plasmodium falciparum dihydrofolate reductase (Pfdhfr)...

    Authors: Agatha N. Ibekpobaoku, Mary A. Oboh, Fatou Faal, Elizabeth Adeniji, Olusola Ajibaye, Emmanuel T. Idowu and Alfred Amambua-Ngwa
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2024 17:129
  13. The elemental composition of chemical elements can vary between healthy and diseased tissues, providing essential insights into metabolic processes in physiological and diseased states. This study aimed to eva...

    Authors: Luísa Zagalo, Gonçalo Pereira, Diogo Casal, Luísa L. Gonçalves, Carlos Zagalo, Maria João Oliveira, Pedro Oliveira and José A. A. Brito
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2024 17:128
  14. Thoracoscopy under local anaesthesia is widely performed to diagnose malignancies and infectious diseases. However, few reports have described the use of this procedure for diagnosing and treating intrathoraci...

    Authors: Kohei Fujita, Zentaro Saito, Takanori Ito, Takuma Imakita, Issei Oi, Osamu Kanai, Yuki Yamamoto, Hiroaki Hata, Satoru Sawai and Kiminobu Tanizawa
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2024 17:127
  15. Health-related quality of life and its associated factors among hypertensive patients living in Ethiopia are not well studied. Therefore, this study aims to assess the level of health-related quality of life a...

    Authors: Yordanos Megerssa, Guta Kune and Mamo Nigatu
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2024 17:126
  16. The eukaryotic tree of life has been subject of numerous studies ever since the nineteenth century, with more supergroups and their sister relations being decoded in the last years. In this study, we reconstru...

    Authors: Eva Rapp and Matthias Wolf
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2024 17:124
  17. Fluorescence analysis of β-TCP ceramics is often used to describe cells found on said ceramics. However, we found, to our knowledge, so far undescribed artifacts which might sometimes be hard to differentiate ...

    Authors: Marco Waldmann, Marc Bohner, Anna Baghnavi, Bianca Riedel and Michael Seidenstuecker
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2024 17:122
  18. Cri Du Chat syndrome, or 5p− syndrome, is characterized by a terminal or interstitial deletion on the short arm of chromosome 5 that causes variable clinical manifestations, including high-pitched cry in newbo...

    Authors: Vanessa Tavares Almeida, Samar N. Chehimi, Gleyson F. S. Carvalho, Yanca Gasparini, Amom M. Nascimento, Lucas L. Vieira, Beatriz M. Wolff, Marília M. Montenegro and Leslie D. Kulikowski
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2024 17:121
  19. Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer incidence and mortality among Indonesian women. A comprehensive investigation is required to enhance the early detection of this disease. Mitochondrial DNA copy num...

    Authors: Prisca C. Limardi, Sonar Soni Panigoro, Nurjati Chairani Siregar, Noorwati Sutandyo, Fiastuti Witjaksono, Lidwina Priliani, Sukma Oktavianthi and Safarina G. Malik
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2024 17:120
  20. Drought and Pierce’s disease are common throughout many grapevine-growing regions such as Mexico and the United States. Yet, how ongoing water deficits affect infections of Xylella fastidiosa, the causal agent of...

    Authors: Christopher M. Wallis and Zachary Gorman
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2024 17:119
  21. Night-Eating Syndrome (NES) is a complex eating disorder that has gained recognition in the context of bariatric surgery. However, its prevalence and associated factors in this specific patient population rema...

    Authors: Sarah Almuammar, Elham Aljaaly, Lama Alqarni, Hadeel Alazwari, Ruba Alsubhi and Nouf Alatawi
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2024 17:118
  22. This study investigates Japanese gay and bisexual men’s experiences of seeking help for emotional support from others regarding their sexual orientation concerns. It examines the relationship between their hel...

    Authors: Noriyo Kaneko, Adam Orlando Hill and Satoshi Shiono
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2024 17:117
  23. Pulmonary function test (PFT) results are recorded variably across hospitals in the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) electronic health record (EHR), using both unstructured and semi-structured notes. We dev...

    Authors: Alexander S. Rabin, Julien B. Weinstein, Sarah M. Seelye, Taylor N. Whittington, Cainnear K. Hogan and Hallie C. Prescott
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2024 17:115
  24. Communication skills (CS) represent a core competency in radiology residency training. However, no structured curriculum exists to train radiology residents in CS in China. The aim of this study was to evaluat...

    Authors: GengPeng Lian, Yubin Xiao, Yingling Huang, Huanpeng Wang, Lipeng Huang, Hongwu Yang, Chunmin Zhu, Wei Mei and Ruibin Huang
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2024 17:114
  25. This article introduces a novel approach called Digital Weighted Multi Criteria Decision Making (DWMCDM) that employs interval valued fuzzy sets to select the best contractor for building projects. The contrac...

    Authors: N. S. Nithya, Srinivasarao Thota, Laxmi Rathour and P. Shanmugasundaram
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2024 17:113
  26. Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) is the most common childhood malignancy and among the most common malignancies in young adults and requires a unique pattern of healthcare utilization including an acute/emer...

    Authors: Alex Hoover, Dave Watson, Paige Reimche, Lynn Tanner, Laura Gilchrist, Mike Finch, Yoav H Messinger and Lucie M. Turcotte
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2024 17:112
  27. Mutational analysis of BCR::ABL1 kinase domain (KD) is a crucial component of clinical decision algorithms for chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) patients with failure or warning responses to tyrosine kinase inhibito...

    Authors: Zahidah Abu Seman, Fadly Ahid, Nor Rizan Kamaluddin, Ermi Neiza Mohd Sahid, Ezalia Esa, Siti Shahrum Muhamed Said, Norazlina Azman, Wan Khairull Dhalila Wan Mat, Julia Abdullah, Nurul Aqilah Ali, Mohd Khairul Nizam Mohd Khalid and Yuslina Mat Yusoff
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2024 17:111
  28. Pregnancy is a complex phenomenon accompanied by biological, physiological and psychosocial changes for a mother. It is also regarded as a stressful life event where a woman’s role, identity and interpersonal ...

    Authors: Ahmed Waqas, Irfan Siddique, Mehroz Ahsen, Muhammad Zubair, Mehak Naeem, Aamir Raoof Memon and Sadiq Naveed
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2024 17:110
  29. In the UK National Health Service (NHS), the patient’s vital signs are monitored and summarised into a National Early Warning Score (NEWS) score. A set of computer-aided risk scoring systems (CARSS) was develo...

    Authors: Muhammad Faisal, Mohammed Amin Mohammed, Donald Richardson, Massimo Fiori and Kevin Beatson
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2024 17:109
  30. Considering the importance of endometriosis and its relatively high prevalence among women, this study sought to investigate clinical and Transrectal and transvaginal ultrasounds (TVS) findings of disease.

    Authors: Seyed Reza Saadat Mostafavi, Elham Kor, Seyyed Mohammad Sakhaei and Anis Kor
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2024 17:108
  31. Early detection and effective management of hearing loss constitute the key to improving the quality of life of individuals with hearing loss. However, in standardized pure tone audiometry, it is sometimes dif...

    Authors: Ramida Dindamrongkul, Tippawan Liabsuetrakul and Pittayapon Pitathawatchai
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2024 17:107
  32. Pancreatic cancer (PC) originates and progresses with genetic mutations in various oncogenes and suppressor genes, notably KRAS, CDKN2A, TP53, and SMAD4, prevalent across diverse PC cells. In addition to genetic ...

    Authors: Tomoyuki Araki and Naofumi Miwa
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2024 17:106
  33. To build and validate an early risk prediction model for gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) based on first-trimester electronic medical records including maternal demographic and clinical risk factors.

    Authors: Yanqi Wu, Paul Hamelmann, Myrthe van der Ven, Sima Asvadi, M. Beatrijs van der Hout-van der Jagt, S. Guid Oei, Massimo Mischi, Jan Bergmans and Xi Long
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2024 17:105
  34. Candida, a common oral microbiota, can cause opportunistic fungal infections. With rising Candida infections and limited effective antifungals, new treatments are needed. This study investigates carvacrol essenti...

    Authors: Seyed Saeed Hosseini Balef, Seyed Sedigheh Hosseini, Negar Asgari, Ahmad Sohrabi and Nazanin Mortazavi
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2024 17:104
  35. Immune checkpoint blockade (ICB) therapy holds promise for bringing long-lasting clinical gains for the treatment of cancer. However, studies show that only a fraction of patients respond to the treatment. In ...

    Authors: Tiantian Zeng, Jason Z. Zhang, Arnold Stromberg, Jin Chen and Chi Wang
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2024 17:102
  36. Previous studies have examined relationship between cognitive function and lifestyle; however, the nature of this relationship is expected to vary in diverse cultural and low-income setting where lifestyle pra...

    Authors: Maryam Zarringhadam, Shirin Hasanvand, Mehdi Birjandi and Afsaneh Beiranvand
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2024 17:101
  37. Hypoxia is a known feature of sickle cell anaemia (SCA) which results from chronic anaemia and recurrent vaso-occlusive crisis (VOC) which can cause tissue ischaemia that leads to an end organ damage. The hall...

    Authors: Asafa M. A., Ahmed I. O, Afolabi M. S., Bolarinwa R. A. and Ogunlade O.
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2024 17:100
  38. Dermatobia hominis belongs to the Cuterebridae family, Diptera order; These flies inhabit tropical regions where they are called "fly of death" since the larvae are capable of causing lesions in domestic animals,...

    Authors: Edwin Requena-Zúñiga, Fernando Chapilliquen-Alban, Walter Leon-Cueto, Fredy Bances-Juarez, Jorge Valle-Toledo and Jesús Rojas-Jaimes
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2024 17:98
  39. Newer antiretrivirals (ART) have shifted the metabolic experiences of people with HIV (PWH) from those of wasting syndrome to increases in body mass index (BMI). This study sought to examine the relationship b...

    Authors: Samantha V. Hill, Jiaying Hao, Mia Newlin-Bradner, Dustin M. Long, Henna Budhwani and Tina Simpson
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2024 17:97
  40. Verbatim transcription of qualitative audio data is a cornerstone of analytic quality and rigor, yet the time and energy required for such transcription can drain resources, delay analysis, and hinder the time...

    Authors: Hannah Tolle, Maria del Mar Castro, Jonas Wachinger, Agrin Zauyani Putri, Dominic Kempf, Claudia M. Denkinger and Shannon A. McMahon
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2024 17:95
  41. Studies are paying increasing attention to complex social determinants in explaining the variation in the rates COVID-19 vaccine uptake. This study examines the influence of various individual, contextual, and...

    Authors: John Oti Amoah, Susanna Aba Abraham, Charles Atanga Adongo, Deogratias Kaheeru Sekimpi, David Cudjoe Adukpo, Dorcas Obiri-Yeboah and David Teye Doku
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2024 17:94
  42. A digital divide exists for people from rural and regional areas where they are less likely and confident to engage in digital health technologies. The aim of this study was to evaluate the digital health lite...

    Authors: Hannah Jongebloed, Kate Anderson, Natalie Winter, Lemai Nguyen, Catherine E. Huggins, Feby Savira, Paul Cooper, Eva Yuen, Anna Peeters, Bodil Rasmussen, Sandeep Reddy, Sarah Crowe, Rahul Bhoyroo, Imran Muhammad and Anna Ugalde
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2024 17:90

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